Climate change, low cost carriers and costumes

Talking about climate change, low cost carriers and costumes isn't easy.

First off I don't like the term climate change or to be specific the “change” in it. It's because the temporary use of “change” implies in many minds a U-turn. Let's use modification instead or adjustment. Our climate adjusts to real factors, which include the intensity of the sun, the ozone layer of the earth, the subtle change of the atmosphere and more. This leads to changes or modifications in the way the elements of the earth influences each other, which could lead to intensified weather conditions. And there's also a natural influence relating to the earths behaviour in our solar system, which in past times lead to variable environment conditions on the earth.

Relating to this it's also plain wrong to talk about changing climate change or stopping climate change but don't use this now as an excuse not to change anything.

Though this is what people do.

It's more important than ever, especially because we know better now, to invest in progress. This means abolishing a system of heavily subsidized energy delivery (in different forms), adjusting lifestyles, use of technology fitted to the given environment, create healthier ways of production and consumption and think of even smarter solutions.

Debateing this topic should be about improving the lifes of everyone in the here and now – following generations will profit the one way or the other and come up with even smarter solutions.

Unfortunately people are a bit selfish and lazy, which isn't the best headstart, for nobody.

Sitting in a low cost carrier flight while writing this, I ask myself if I wouldn't prefer a proper flight with more leg room and friendlier service (don't get me wrong, most of the time the mood really depends on the “environment”) but it's kind of a sacrifice for being able to stay longer in a certain destination. Is this selfish? The atmosphere feels a bit strange tough, as if everybody just wants to get to a place fast and cheap compared to flights, where there not so many alternatives. Easy to say, especially for me, but the atmosphere in a low cost carrier flight is just different – and I'm not only talking about the flight attendants costumes.

As for costumes, they're a great way to influence peoples perception of oneself or change one's perception of the people by wearing a costume yourself.

I had the chance to be a mascot for one day and it was intriguing. It gives you this feeling of being able to do things, you wouldn't do otherwise, but then again wearing a helmet with only a downward and small field of view doesn't necessarily allow you to do everything.

Waving and gesturing after having spotted a person in an occasional upward movement of the head, it's up to the people how they react: Do they walk way, do they approach you in a reserved manner or are they falling in your arms in storm? Do they only want a photograph or do they also want to know why you're there? Seeing just the feet of the people and hear them talk is a weird experience – you don't have facial gestures and hands you can follow for additional/emotional context. The only emotional context you have, is the strength of their hugs or handshakes.

Knowing how the people react to your “character” you can also stage moments for entertainment. I liked pretty much the moment when I randomly walked up against something just to give spectators a laugh.

No I know why everybody likes wearing masks.


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