The journey from Prince Rupert in Canada to Juneau in Alaska via the Alaskan Highway Ferry is a breathtaking one. Although the scenery changes not so much as the weather does, there are a lot of breathtaking views. I'm lucky because the weather is fine most of the time despite some heavy clouds and fog, but it's autumn afterall.

The Alaskan shoreline is made up of many small islands, some small villages and a lot of trees. Inbetween you could spot seagulls, cormorans, eagles and sometimes a small group of whales moving in the bays between the Islands.

Although it's cold and windy on the ferry's deck you can sleep there under a roofed part with heatlamps. Warm sleeping bag highly adviced.

Getting from the ferry port to Downtown Juneau can be quite pricey – either you've booked a hotel/motel with a shuttle service or you have to take a 35$ Taxi.

The first night i'm staying at a B&B, the other nights at the hostel where i finally meet more people who share the traveling thought. A guy from Japan who hitchhiked through Canada and a carpenter who spends some days in Juneau for work. In the following morning he shows us a historic goldmine which is quite interesting. After this me and J. Are going to do a walk around a glacier and we're talking a lot about japanese and western societies.

The next day i'm on my own and hence the nice weather i hike up Mnt. Juneau and follow it's ridge.

In the evening my time in Juneau is close to an end and chance strikes. I contacted Z. this guy on couchsurfing a while ago who wasn't able to host me due to some personal endeavors. When I was coming down the mountain I met him. Total chance. He was on a walk back home, aproching behind me, i turned around, he slowed down.”Are you Sven? Hi i'm Zane.” “Yeah, I'm Sven.” What a coincidence. in such small places, small things happen (edited quote of a indian movie, who knows which?). We ended up walking together to his home, talking about wildlife, life in Alaska and such. After having some beers and cheese cassadilla at his home, he drops me off at the airport, where i spend my night and from where i'm having a beautiful flight to Anchorage the next morning (heading to Hawaii).



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