Canada’s last stop

Prince Rupert. The name (derives of a prince born in czechoslovakia) was voted for in a public poll in search of a city name. Despite the fact that it's the rain capital of the world, I had a beautiful sunny day here. I stayed at the Java Lodge which is run by a japanese family and I have to admit, it was one of the nicest experiences so far regarding a B&B (the hostel was full). The rooms just felt so nice, also because of the morning light. There was breakfast available in their lobby (felt a bit lonely there), as well as in the internet cafe downstairs. Moreover I had the possibility to use the room until the afternoon and they told me to just drop the keys onto the stairs when I leave.

Being a pretty small town (although there's a big harbour) I decided to go on a hike to the local mountain. This time it was a pretty lonesome experience, despite the fact that it's the only real hike right next to the town. But up there I had a real nice view over the whole bay and on my way back down I met K. who told me about his life, some energy gathering techniques, 9/11 supermacys and the global economy, while inhaling some greeneries. Arriving back at the town through a jungleske shortcut, I bought some stuff and started the several miles walk (2-3) to the ferry terminal.

In the anticipation of sitting 2 days on a ferry, walking is not bad I guess.

Art in Prince Rupert

Art in Prince Rupert

View on Prince Rupert

On top of the mountain next to Prince Rupert

View on the bay, Prince Rupert

Jungletrail, Prince Rupert

Dawn, Prince Rupert

To the ferry terminal, Prince Rupert

Harbour, Prince Rupert



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