Vesper in Jasper

Arriving 6 am in Jasper I had no real plan, so I went with H. (the girl from Korea who I met on the bus) to the only place which was open in the morning: a comfy place by the name of Bear's paw bakery. Not only because I felt like having coffee and breakfast, but also because it was freakin cold outside (compared to all the other places i've been to in the last week). Inside the bakery, adding to the yummy danish pieces and muffins, it was also lovingly warm. Funny encounter for at this place: There was a bathroom (Americans prefer restroom, don't they?) without a working doorlock (or the not-Americans are just to stupid to use it) which lead to a short encounter with a japanese girl sitting in there (xD).

Going through the maps on the bakery's table I decided to go to the hostel first and took a taxi up there, cause it would have been a long cold walk by foot. The driver was a chatty one and he even stopped a couple of minutes on the street so we could watch some mooses looking for breakfast. I arrived at the hostel 15 minutes before they opened at 8 am. When a dead-tired and hungover looking guy arrived at the counter I immediately checked-in and felt sorry for him to make him work right off his start of the day. I dropped my bag in a locker, got some items out and went upstairs to start a hike up Mnt. Whistler. In the Lobby I met F. who while putting on his hiking boots asked me what I'm up to. We had the same plan and were hiking up together until at 2/3 of the way up, snow and wind forced us to turn around. With the day still being young we got to the city and grabbed something to eat at the local KFC (or PFK – why the hell do they translate all names you can imagine to the French language). We continued to Maligne Canyon and Maligne Lake. Maligne Canyon is formed by a stream of water coming through a cave system from the lake ground, which got some holes in it. At the lake itself we encountered around 11 cm of fresh snow and a not so fresh bus sitting in a ditch.

The evening was less successful. Hanging around in a local bar with a lot of young and local people (seemed like they don't have too much of a perspective) with beer and snacks. They beat us in billiard though. We went there with people we met at the Hostel, so I talked to this young woman A. from Israel a lot, mostly about history, politics and living concepts (Kibbutz).

Waking up after a night of good sleep I felt like killing Petrus or whoever is responsible for the weather. There was a nice blue sky with some big white clouds. Wonderful hiking conditions and I had to leave by train the very same day. But on the station I met K., a swiss woman travelling in the same direction for a bit. So we talked a lot in the train and watched the beautiful scenery passing by.

Mnt. Whistler in the morning, Jaspe

Mountain to the east of the Hostel, Jasper

Maligne Canyon, yes I jumped over the fence

One brand, two names

Wildlife in Jasper

Wildlife in Jasper

Wildlife in Jasper

Mountain to the east of Jasper, Jasper

On the train to Prince George, Canada



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