I herby pronounce you man and knife!

Look, I hate watching over half an hour of TV-previews and trailers in a cinema before a movie starts. Sure the huge AMC-theatre in Downtown San Francisco is an experience to itself with it's huge lobby, workout room, moving staircase to the different floors and so on, but why should I prefer this to the plenty of independent movie theatres which are still around here? Just for one goddamn movie: The Expendables 2. I guess there are people around who won't consider it to be a (watchworthy) movie, but although there're a lot of screw ups regarding the story, the portrayed countries and the wanna be lines, it's still a feast. At least for men grown up in the eigthies and ninties with a hang for action movies. If you've seen Rambo, Rocky, Missing in Action, Terminator, Predator, Kickboxer, Red Heat, Walker Texas Ranger, Die Hard to name just a few, you know what you'll get: All the heroes and foes of your youth together at one point in space and time, although grown old (probably more then you) but still in shape (also probably more then you). It's not about the tragic and not so tragic ends of lives , which are a theme of the movie. It's also not so much about the violence. It's more like a spoof, an iconic tribute to the idols of the past and their image nowadays. The good, the bad and the ugly past. Rambo 1 was rather good, Terminator 1 was terrific, Terminator 2 not too bad. Die Hard is a classic. Jean Claude's movies: You watch them because of the physicality and his moves, probably because of his body (in men's perspective this may sound gayish, but look at all the bodybuilding maniac types in Martial Arts). Jason Statham is just a cool guy of the new kind. Terry Crews just has poooweeeerrrrrr. Despite these men the role of women in this movie is simple: They make things complicated. For men trained to kill, trained to set emotions aside and to focus on their task women are a disturbing factor introducing problems. A call on the battlefield to ensure the sweetheart is still ok, a female companion needing protection, some recalled memories of loved ones passed away, villagewomen begging for their men's lives and so on.

But the hero's keep on living and fighting on the edge of life. You remember what Rambo got to know? Although it's not his war, the only thing he was made for was to fight wars. And the wars always found him.

It's the same with most of the movie's actors. As hard as they try: Most of them will be actionstars for eternity.

And now to be straight: Out of a rational and intellectual perspective this movie sucked hard, but for a man's mind it was sweet as sugar. It's “The Avengers” in a non-comic actionstars edition. And now fuck you Liam Hemsworth, Chuck Norris doesn't need a sniper-rifle to kill all these guys from a distance. I only missed Mr. T.

Does someone have a review of a female reviewer at hand?


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