Coast up, everyone!

Leaving Los Angeles and driving along Highway 101 and Route 1 one soon discovers the other wild side of California. Along steep cliffs, small vineyards, huge strawberry fields and wide beaches you're able to escape the rush of the cities. It is here were California's surf culture originates (coming from Hawaii), on the beaches of Pismo, Santa Cruz and others you can find surfing schools, lifestyle shops and good sea food. For good clam chowder and other seafood got to Splash's right next to Pismo Beach – alone the surferboy atmosphere is worth it. And in case you'll ever feel stressed out, try to get on a surfboard: Sitting on a board, waiting for the waves, wishing for the waves and ideally soon after ride on them is a feeling hard to beat.

Going up north the cliffs get rougher, the temperatures are cooler and the environment greener. The region around the Golden Gate with names like Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Fancisco and Napa Valley is an intellectual and cultural melting pot were creative ideas form the future not only of California.


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