The case with Amtrak

The U.S. one should think would be one of the best countries to be suitable for traintraffic, but it seems they think different – yet. Altough there are so called highspeed trains, they in average drive with half the speed of their european counterparts. The biggest problem hereby is the tracksystem, which actually was sold to a transportation company called Union Pacific And is now rented out to Amtrak for passenger service. It feels like all the heavy tansport trains have run down the tracks pretty much.

Consequently the best decision would probably be to go electric. The east coast to west coast trains run through a lot of desertlike environment which probably could serve all the need for electric energy needed by trains.

Despite what could be, it is a nice experience if you have the time, you're not to luxurious in your needs and if you like changing landscapes. Although we heard of 17 hours of delays, our train was just 30 minutes late after 2 1/2 days.

But afterall it's all about the experience. Where else are you forced to meet a couple of different people unless you want to spend all the time crammed in a small cabin. Did you know that Amish have mobilephones? Have you already met a couple who travelled Europe in a VW bus back in the sixties and enjoyed the cheap first class food which was available due to the great exchange rate of the dollar? Have you ever met a boyscout who accidentally gave himself a shot of Adrenaline? And have you ever thought about how nice and convenient traintravel in Europe is (despite the price).





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