Inbetween Buffalo

Buffalo feels strange. There are long stretched suburban spaces and an inner city core which feels kind of artificial. There's one straight metrotrain line running through the city center, for free. There are some highrise buildings, some old style buildings inbetween and many spaces for sale. At least there's a free concert going on this evening, but no access with cameras. The decision to head back to a big mall “near” the trainstation was made quick. On th bus there you can see the people living and struggling here. in the bus and off the bus. Clischee american neighbourhood. Run down houses, flags, old cars, people with basecaps sitting in front of the house on chairs.

And then the mall which reminds you what the system is actually about: live your life, hot hot sale, special savings, buy one get one, get a free gift, a body for every body, make me a beauty, take off, dream-focus-succeed. Just to name a few prominent ad-extracts. And then there's a sportswear shop with sports gear, hunting gear, bikes but without stairs.

At least the food shops are open till the middle of the night. Chocolate Cheesecake anyone?

Next stop chicago.



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