New York Night Yawnings

As you may have guessed already New York isn't whatever one expects it to be. It's an intimidating place, kept alive by an uncountable number of people. Day and night. On the surface and underground. Millions of feet, yellow cab-chains and silver-shining metro-snakes keep them moving.

You may meet insane people sitting calm at big benches and smoking funny things, people who try to start an conversation by comparing your minor being to be a look-a-like of some Bee-Gees singer and then babling some hardly understandable mix of random words. How can you stay sane in this city afterall?

Or seeing a chinese moviestar, without knowing it is one, in a random japanese restaurant which you just visited because someone your hanging out with told you they have the best ice-cream in town – for 5$ a cup it rather should be (it was!)

As European drinking tap-water here smells like drowning in a swimming-pool, but there are citys here were they actually use even more chloride to clean the water. So one prefers to buy and drink bottled water.

Next to Manhatten, right on the feet of the famous Brooklyn Bridge, you can excpect a bit of a different feeling. It's more a place of housing than downtown. The houses can be very old but nice to look at with a diverse neighbourhood. Visiting a family there who renovated a completely rundown house, you here all the stories of owners with drug problems, pot-smoking neighbours and dealers the next door. And you see all the cars with bumper-bumpers. We had a really good meal tough and the realisation that there's a difference between “vine product” and “vine”. Vine product means watery mix with lesser alcohol for selling in regular stores – in Germany we would call it “Frauenwein” (women's vine).

New York is different to other american cities (based on peoples opinions and my experiences so far), not only regarding it's public transportation sector, but also the mindset and heritage of the people. Here people from all over the world (not only artists) live and work together. Altough there are so many people alround, a lot of them just have this look on them, when they're wandering, strolling or running along in the city. Probably some of the pictures I took are motivated by this kind of feeling. Watching how the time and past events left their traces in the form of scratches, burns and wrinkles on the city and on the people is in my opinion the most interesting thing you can experience here if you live here for a longer time.

This city never sleeps.




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