MoMA – Does modern Art suck, or just the people who have to deal with it?

After walking up the central park around 12ish I decided, based on some peoples advice, to visit the MoMA. After first being told to check-in my small bag, waiting 15 minutes in the line for being told not to need my small bag being checked-in, I tried to relax and headed to the 6th floor. Right now there’s an interesting exhibition there about design for children which is quite interesting. Unlike the rest of the exhibitions which kind of bored me. So being bored by them, looking at all the visitors of the MoMA instead of the art, I began to make some sort of classification on them (weirdo?):

Do you know the groups name? I herby encourage you to leave a comment – answers will follow at a later point in time.

1. Probably he’s interested in art but moreover he’s interested in preserving it. It’s the guy or girl who constantly sneaks around the paintings or sculptures and tries to take good pictures of it. Afterall if your reproducing masterworks in an insant it can’t be so bad, right?

2. They vary in age and can be part of a different group, too. They hold hands or at least walk side by side. They talk about art or family and friends related stuff, but most frequently they photograph each other in front of or besides an artwork to show their friends that they’re really interested in classy art.

3. As it is always with them, they come in a pack and at some point of time leave as singles. Mostly someone gets bored or angry and eventually communicates this in some way (of course no one in the room realiues it) before everyone leaves by himself.

4. Also of different ages. The young in fancy clothes, the old with funny hats. They carry at least one camera and mostly move in groups of two or more and have probably mother-tongue audioguides with them.

5. Soft faces, slim, long hair (curly sometimes) and a distinct likeable clothing style. Usually considered pretty, they carry around Nikon or Canon cameras. Perhaps they are art students or in some other educational way related to art. Sometimes they carry around small notepads and make notices, too.

6. Actually they don’t need an explanation. They think they are here because it’s such a cool place. But the only cool thing around are their glasses getting penetrated by their glassy eyes.

7. Mostly wearing glasses, they already found their inner peace and have time to enjoy not only the art, but also each bench in the gallery. Some try to educate their childrens children who probably still think that Monet is a new social-network for mothers to be.

8. They really have style and look at art each day. They are the only ones who are really enlightened. They know the only truth and are constantly annoyed by people disrespecting the holy hall of art.

Here are the answers:

The Security Staff. 8

The Couple. 2

The photographer. 1

The Hipsters. 6

The Family. 3

The Old Folks. 7

The Asians. 4

The Pretty Girls. 5


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