On the flight, or how to fight the time. A reconstruction.

I had a nice representative text here about my experiences during the transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to NY New Ark. Unfortunately all of it was deleted in the process of emptying the iPads RAM.

Here’s a trial of reconstruction:

Hence of my look getting through all the paperwork and securitychecks wasn’t an issue. From ESTA to check-in most of the process is digital by now. It’s great if you know how to handle the digital stuff but not as comfortable if you don’t, despite a straightforward input-design approach. So finally sitting in plane and knowing now’s everything’s up to the pilots hands is kind of relaxing. What isn’t was the fact that there was a delay because of crammed hangar doors, but as long as the old trusted Jumbo is fine it should be no problem. What isn’t relaxing either is the anticipation of sitting.8 hours of sitting. At this time i wrote down some live experiences but I can’t remember them all.

If your able to choose your seat wisely next to an emergency exit you will have plenty of foot room and the neighbour in front of you won’t bother you to much. As an alternative (and one of my only left choices) is to get a seat right behind the kitchen if you don’t mind sitting in front of a wall and probabaly having some young families around you (if you’ve wondered what these wallmounts are for: babybeds. It’s also interesting so see the flight-team working. But if you really need some spacious seats and you can afford it, you should go for the Business- or the First Class. I changed my place with a little girl so she was able to sit by here mother and I was sitting next to a taller gentlemen speaking German with a slight American accent. During the flight we talked a bit about tablets (computers) and the stress of sitting.

Somewhere above Greenland, after the food got served and a female flight-attendent tried to calm down a baby, which was called Stinkerle and Danielle by it’s mother, with: “Do you know that tearing these postcards make a really nice sound?” That’s the way to punk.

Then the sleeping time arrived. But I did not feel an urge to sleep and felt contempt that each one of the young family next to me was able to sleep. I only felt sorry for the woman behind me, because she was sitting next to another woman who seemed not to feel well at all despite being not to gentle: Before she crept under her planket she went for the toilet and going there she put here lightly clothed breast right next to here neighbours face, which probably neither of them enjoyed.

After deciding to watch an episode of the classic hit series “Dragonball” on my iPad (you should get XBMC on a jailbroken iPad for all of a mkv’s features like multiple audio- and subtitle-tracks) because the quality there is so much better then looking at the aged flight-entertainment-system, I got a bit sleepy. So ordering a coffee and a cola, realizing that the coffee is to hot and mixing both of them I have to tell something: It tastes like shit. So being at the topic of shit here’s another annecdote probably familiar to some.

A bit later I went to the toilet and saw something which confeonted me with the urgent question: “Who the fuck did this?”


Not only that there are coverings for the toilet seat, why the hell am I know the one who should clean it? Fortunately I don’t care as long as the other one’s ass is still full of shit.

2 hours later the plane finally arrived at New Ark Airport. Altough it took some time to get the security checks, the checks themselves didn’t take long. Just be nice. And fly as part of a family;)

So getting out to the cabs, shelling out about 90$ to get to the city center and realizing that you just travelled around half the earth within a day feels kind of overwhelming.


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