The Pack-a-bag-Day (TM)

It’s all about making decisions (why the hell does my iPad suggest “Devisenschmuggel” as auto-correction???).

Seriously. Some people may think it’s easy to say goodbye to your family, friends, colleagues and even work. Some may think: Why does this crazy motherfucker just take it all so easy? I don’t. I’m a big coward full of fear (and shit morning after morning). I fear the something that will be, BUT if you’ve recently seen the “Dark Knight Rises” you’ve seen what a loss of fear will do to you after all (everyone who hasn’t at one point in time dreamed of becoming a superhero speak out loud, now! You’re the one Marvel or DC won’t make any money on). So should one fear a painful balls-crushing death, but not to take decisions? I think there are only right and wrong decisions, if someone’s there to judge. But decisions without judgment, may it be by a court, one’s mind or someone almighty, are just decisions. Plain decisions. There’s this thing about economist trying to predict the future: The farther they look into the future, the farther away the prediction of the future is from the future reality. But these are Smart People (TM), they calculate, they compare, they envision and there are people, the so called managers, who for their decisions rely on the economists predictions. In case of a wrong decision (by shareholders judgment), there’s always the possibilty to blame the false predictions created by the economists and keep a clean shirt. As I’m still some kind of unstudied doh, I would like the experts to correct me if I made some mistakes explaining the process (after all I suck most of my so called knowledge from other people’s knowledge). To cut a long story short: I still don’t really know what the heck should I pack? But don’t get the idea that you could decide …



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